Golden opportunity!

Reach the Hispanic market. 

2.5 trillion in buying power. 

Translations - Live and Remote Interpretation - Subtitles - Transcriptions - Voice-Over.

Connect and engage with the U.S. Hispanics.
A strategy for brand growth.

Let's partner together to bring your company and your clients to another level.


Translation of documents.

Translations for subtitles.
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ADR, e-learning
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Captions - for the deaf and hard of hearing.
English <-> Spanish and most main languages.

- Specialized Interpreters - simultaneous and consecutive.

- RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) The best way to reach more people for a much lower cost. 

About Creative English

Creative-English was a result of the creation of V.E.A. which was originated from the acronym Values In Action in Spanish Valores en Acción.


Hi, I am Rody Correa Avila, a little over ten years ago I founded VEA Corp - Global Communications, which is now CREATIVE ENGLISH, with the burning desire to bring the wealth of information available in English to my very dear Spanish-speaking community around the world.

When I was 20 years old, I left my country and my culture and took off pursuing an ideal to serve others in the non-profit sector. Soon enough I found myself not understanding English well enough, which was critical to understand my leaders. Learning it well enough was an uphill process. But I caught up and could grow more and find more satisfaction in my mission.

Since then -1980-81- the burning passion has only grown to translate the wealth of English material for the Spanish-speaking world and to my great delight, I have been doing it ever since.

Jump to 2010, I lost my job and I had to change the course of my professional and personal life dramatically. This time, the help of being at expert level in my English, being able to communicate, read, study, translate, interpret, write, sing, and all the rest made a huge difference and totally transformed my reality and my world of possibilities. I even started training others in English, I married an English-speaking woman, and so my journey continued and today CREATIVE ENGLISH gives us the pleasure and satisfaction of bringing solutions to more people with our services.

We believe in making sure we are value-based in all we do, which keeps us on track when we take on a project from beginning to end.
We believe your Global Communications should be clear and professional and convey the original message to the target audience.

The multi-cultural nature of our remote and virtual professionals makes the difference in our quality and service because we can localize it for the audience it is intended to reach.

We are a small team. What we take on we can do, and we recognize when we cannot meet either your deadlines or your expectations.

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"Once again VEA provided excellent translation services for The Global Media Desk. [They were]  punctual, accurate, and very professional."

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"Professional provider, quick to learn, timely delivery. Glad to work with."

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